Heart of America Dance Centre is the finest studio in the Kansas City area, providing every child the highest level of training for both ballet and jazz technique. My daughter has trained at HADC for the past 12 years and has grown into a pre professional dancer. The instruction led by Cynthia Monaco and her staff has prepared her and other dancers to compete at the prestigious Youth America Grand Prix. The dance education she has received at HADC and by being a member the Heart of America Youth Ballet has provider her and many others the training to pursue professional dance careers. While being a member of the competitive dance team, The Team, she has gained even more training in jazz, tap and contemporary dance. I truly believe that this studio provides not only a high level of training but a place where children can fall in love with the beauty and art of dance. - Susan Canaan

Growing up as a dancer I had experiences in various dance studios in the Kansas City area. As we were visiting studios for my daughter, we wanted to find a place that not only had outstanding and reputable dance training but also a warming place we could call home. Within the first 5 minutes meeting owner, Cindy Monaco, we knew it was the perfect place for our family. She discussed the history and successes of the studio and also the importance on growth and development of her dancers. We have been at the studio for three years and are happy to call Heart of America our home. My daughter has improved in her dance technique but more importantly has gained self-confidence, positive work ethic and how to achieve goals. The teachers/choreographers not only teach the fundamentals of dance but are also nurturing and loving role models. We have been blessed by genuine friendships with families that we know will last forever. There is no question we are grateful to have found our dance family! - Whitney Richeson

Cindy Monaco and Heart of America Dance Centre were instrumental in developing my character as not only a young child, but also as I became a young woman. I studied under her direction for fifteen years and enjoyed every moment while I built confidence on and off the stage through my development as a ballerina. I have carried these foundational qualities into my adult life to become a better business owner, wife, and mother as well. My fondest memories growing up were being on stage and in her studio learning ballet multiple nights a week along with my “sisters” as a member of the Heart of America Youth Ballet. Even to this day as a late 30s adult, I dream about being on stage for Nutcracker or recital at least monthly. Now I can watch my young daughter blossom into a dancer at HADC and this has become one of my biggest joys as a mother. The impact she and HADC provided me has and always will stick with me. This is because Cindy creates a “family-like” environment for her students and provides phenomenal teaching and it’s something I have longed for ever since I “graduated” out of her youth program. She has passed down her skills and love for ballet to her fantastic teachers at the studio and they also embody the same grace and dedication that she does. Cindy shares her passion for the art and what she continues to pour her life into with not only her students but also the audiences that attend her performances. Audiences watch her youthful students with amazement comparing her performances to professional ones. If you want to learn from the best studio in Kansas City and want to feel like you are part of something bigger and special, there’s no other choice than Heart of America Dance Centre for your child. -Vanessa Rose Westmoreland

Cindy - I thankful for you for being a wonderful influence in the life of my daughter, Cristina. From the beginning, you have been caring and encouraging, making her feel loved, important and successful while challenging her to think, work harder and improve. The best thing about you is you expect excellence and not perfection which should be the attitude of any teacher. You see the various strengths and weaknesses of each child, capitalizing on those strengths while giving guidance and encouragement to improve the weak areas. Cristina loves “Miss Cindy” with all her heart and I know each of your students feel that very same way. - Jennifer Spears

Cindy: Thanks as always for creating an atmosphere at your studio that my daughter thrives in. - Carrie Behm

We have loved HADC from the minute we set foot in the door almost two years ago. The technical training is outstanding and the teachers exemplify a passion, patience and love for sharing dance with children of all ages. Being new to the KC area we are so grateful to have found a home at Heart of America Dance Center and we are excited for what the future holds for our girls as they continue to learn and grow. - Alison Miller

Heart of America is more than a studio where my girls are able to learn the fundamentals of dance. It's a nurturing family who support my growing girls in life. Through the lessons taught at HADC and the priceless experiences, my girls are becoming a better version of themselves. I am forever grateful for what began as a recreational activity, but blossomed into a passion for the performing arts. HADC is our home away from home! - Julie Lee

As a former student of 13 years, and a former teacher, and now a mother of two daughters who are students of Heart of America Dance Center, I can speak from a background of long experience. As a Ballet Teacher, Cindy Monaco instructed and nurtured me to reach my full potential. I learned discipline and perfect posture and poise and grace that I have carried with me always. Her incredible ability to choreograph to each students' strengths and her efforts to earn respect from her students and their parents never waivers. Heart of America Dance Center is a haven for students to learn and develop skills beyond dancing. - Laney Abraham